Baseline your level of Business Agility

The main purpose of measuring Business Agility, is to baseline:

  • The dimensions of the framework that are in place, and working well, and
  • What dimensions you need to prioritise to help you get closer to achieving The Goal.

It is always important to be honest, when performing a baseline assessment. So that your prioritisation and allocation of resources is the most effective.

If you are just starting out on your Business Agility journey, or you have been progressing for some-time but you are still far away from where you want to be. Be honest.  Remember the importance of psychological safety to moving forward.

If you don’t feel as though you can ask for help, then you can’t expect to receive help. But without all three Enablers helping each other.  The realisation of The Goal, is going to be almost impossible.

How frequently, you should measure your level of Business Agility, is up to you to decide. Too often, and it becomes a distraction. Too little, and we lose sight of our progress. So ideally, the way we baseline and measure progress, should be as simple as possible.

Maturity Assessment Template

6.4.1 How to baseline your existing Product/Service operating model

Within the framework, we provide this simple assessment template to help you to baseline your maturity per-Enabler, and in total for the Product/Service.

The assessment can be completed in a few ways:

  1. You can give the template to each person within each Enabler group to complete individually, and then consolidate, or
  2. You can assign a representative from each Enabler group, or
  3. You can assign an independent 3rd party to conduct the assessment.

If you are concerned about the subjectivity/accuracy of the Enablers assessing themselves, we would recommend option #3. However, this option is likely to add additional cost/complexity which may not always be appropriate.

Maturity Assessment Template