Who can be an Accredited Partner (ATP)?

  1. Be an active legal entity (for invoicing)
  2. Have a background in providing interactive and engaging training courses
  3. Comply with all applicable laws, regulations and requirements
  4. Pay licensing fees for:
    • Student courseware (per student)
    • Annual Partner accreditation fee (per entity)

Who can be an Accredited Trainer?

Trainers who wish to become accredited must satisfy the following criteria:

  1. Have demonstrable experience, credentials, and subject matter expertise on the course topic
  2. Have at least one (1) year of active proven training experience or practical experience
  3. Successfully pass the appropriate course certification with a pass rate of at least 65%
  4. Pay the annual Trainer Accreditation Fee

What do partner receive?

  1. Trainer Self-study materials and exam vouchers
  2. Licensed courseware for each accredited course
    • Instructor Presentation Material
    • Student Courseware
  3. Templates to use in the classroom and for onsite assignments
  4. Videos and Examples

How do I sign up?

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