The Enablers represent the primary stakeholders within any organisation:

  1. There is always a Customer, whether internal or external to the provider.
  2. There is always at least one Team that delivers value to the Customer, and
  3. There is always Leadership who enables the Team to work in a high-velocity way.
The Enablers

When the Enablers work together, their Shared Vision and The Goal can be achieved.

If one or more Enablers does not work together, then the Shared Vision and The Goal may not be achieved.

Critical Success Factors

Each Enabler role has generic and specific Critical Success Factors, or CSFs.

A Critical Success Factor, is a prerequisite for success. An example of CSF’s for a Formula 1 racing driver would be, to have the fastest car, best pit-crew, sponsorship, access to the best training facilities etc.

Without those CSF in place.  It doesn’t matter, how good the driver is.  Unless everyone else crashes, they are not going to win the race.

Likewise, for The Enabler roles, if the CSFs are not in place, then we cannot expect that role to be successful in enabling The Goal.

Generic CSF for all Enablers

  • Formally assigned to a Product/Service
  • Committed to the realisation of The Goal
  • Willing to adhere to The Rules
  • Able to execute their Agile Value Stream practices

Specific CSF for each Enabler

Role-specific Critical Success Factors can be found in the appropriate Enabler sections 4.1 – 4.3.