Step 1 – Identifying the Product/Service that needs Business Agility

There are generally x4 ways to identify the Products, and Services that need to move towards higher level of Business Agility:

  1. New products and services that will compete in a VUCA world
  2. Existing Products/Services that are being disrupted
  3. Products/Services that have low customer ratings, or declining demand, and so are being primed for innovation, or
  4. Any other reason that you can think of that has created a sense of urgency to change the way you operate

What is my Product, or Service?

If you do not know what your Product, or Service is, there are two questions that you can ask:

  1. Go to your Customer, or the person that you handover your completed work to, and ask them:
    • “What is the Product/Service that I provide to you?”
  2. If the Customer can’t answer, ask the second question:
    • “What problems do I, or my team help you to resolve?

The Customer can now respond with the pain points or problems that you help them with.

Broad explanations from the Customer are better than narrow.  As a narrow description may limit the scope that you can use to define a Product, or Service.