There are generally two ways, in which an organisation delivers value to customers. Through delivery and support. Sometimes referred to as, change the business and run the business.

Change the business
When outcomes are certain, traditionally planned-projects can help to optimise costs and risk exposure. However, these types of projects are not well-suited in circumstances where the full requirements are either unknown or are likely to evolve significantly over time. For example, when operating in a VUCA world.

Run the business
Standardised operational processes are typically designed to lower the cost of providing support. This is often evident through queuing systems and the over-utilisation of resources. Whilst normal, these practices emphasise the importance of low-cost at the detriment of speed. Which can limit our ability to be a fast fish.

For these reasons, we must move away from traditional ways of providing delivery and support, and instead look for ways to help the Agile Team to deliver value quickly, so that the Agile Customer can realise value quickly.


  • Faster value realisation for the customer and business
  • Increased ability to adapt products and services to rapidly evolving customer needs
  • Reduced capital costs and risk exposure

Critical Success Factors

  • Reduction in the number of projects – replaced with incremental and iterative delivery
  • Reduction in manual shared services – replaced with automation and self-service


Rule 3 – Realise Value Quickly – Governance

Value Stream

Rule 3 – Realise Value Quickly – Value Stream