The Goal of Business Agility

How to measure Customer Value?

Customers, whether internal or external to the Agile Team have specific value expectations that must be satisfied for the product, or service to have achieved its intended purpose.

Examples include saving the customer time, saving them money, making them money, improving their health, giving them peace of mind and many more. 

If targets for customer value are not easily defined (or achievable), the Product, or Service should not be built.

Whilst the three targets are standard (quickly/speed, consistency, sustainability), the actual measurements used will vary considerably between organisations.

It is not necessary or expected to identify the ‘perfect’ targets during the outset.

What is important is that the Customer, Agile Team(s) and Leaders agree upon the targets to be used.  And all agree to tweak as necessary based upon data collected during the life of a Product, or Service.

When this collaboration is consistent, The Goal will be achievable, and purposeful.