The three Enablers of Business Agility

The Enablers represent the three stakeholder groups that enable the realisation of The Goal through their specific actions.

When an Enabler adopts their role, The Rules and executes their specific Agile Value Stream practices, they are directly helping to enable the realisation of The Goal.

If they are separated, mis-aligned, or in opposition they may inadvertently disable the realisation of The Goal.

Agile Customers can either be internal, or external to the provider, and a customer-centric organisation, it’s The Customer who regulates how quickly they need to realise value from a Product, or Service.

Agile Teams represent those who deliver value to The Customer.  The Agile Team may be composed of dedicated cross-functional specialists, per Product/Service, or 6.contain a single function for certain Shared Services, such as an internal Finance, or HR Service, or an external Support Service etc

Agile Leaders represent the default decision-making authorities within the organisation. It is at the discretion of the Agile Leaders, as to what level of autonomy they will grant to the Agile Teams, and What standards and controls must be applied across all Agile Teams.  For example, corporate branding, quality, safety and regulations.